clients’ thoughts

Lori was pivotal in preparing our studio apartment for rental. This project would have easily taken me at least a week or more on my own. In approximately 8 hours time, she turned a disheveled and overstuffed space into an organized and attractive place to live. I was able to rent out the unit the very next day. To say I was enormously relieved and grateful is an understatement! I would not hesitate to use Lori’s services again!
— Lisa in Lafayette, August, 2018
I first met Lori in 2008. Who would have thought that two women would become close friends, given a 20 year age gap, myself being the elder? With painful arthritis and fibromyalgia, anxiety, delayed responses, and struggles with depression, Lori has been completely understanding of my conditions. She listens. She cares.

She cared for her elderly grandparents for 3 years until they passed. Recently she helped me move. She was so organized, and knew where everything was when I got to my new home. That was really a comfort. I’ve never known anyone as capable, caring, and understanding as Lori.
— Jana in Broomfield, September, 2018
Lori came to my cluttered home and right away encouraged me. Her gentleness and thoroughness gave me the umph to make improvements. She inspired me and gave me hope rather than overwhelming me. -She asked questions that broke down the wall I had about decluttering. -She encouraged me about our home the way it was. -She asked what I wanted from her and how much input I wanted. -She listened well -She added her experience with all ages of people to the mix -She helped me define the purpose of each room and the goal I had for it, including future uses as a possible rental. -She helped me make an overall plan, then get specific about each room. -She told me places to take my discards where others can usitize them -She referred me to someone who could help me choose paint colors for our orange wood-trimmed home!
— Polly in Louisville, April, 2019
Calm in a whirlwind of chaos. Lori effectively and patiently assisted me in wading through the clutter and the memories that had taken over one side of my garage. She used compassionate reasoning to help me decide what was important to keep and what could be given away. She has an organized mind, an enthusiastic attitude and a spirit of blessing. There was no sense of shame or disappointment offered or felt! I highly recommend her services, and I will be using her talents again!
— Jamie in Arvada, May, 2019