Lori Halbach and her whole family above. YES! her whole family. -March, 2018

Lori Halbach and her whole family above. YES! her whole family. -March, 2018


Here’s my story…

I might be the Lori you’ve heard about. :) My passion is helping people who feel the heaviness of life and want a change. I have been unburdening and empowering people for over 20 years.

I treasure getting to know others. Close friends call me The Optimist, I see what is and what could be. I delight in shoulder-to shoulder relationship

I have educated our eight children at home with my husband of 27+ years. I have also had the privilege of being my grandparents’ primary caregiver. I helped them transition from living independently, to an independent living facility, to assisted living, to then living with us, through the hospice experience at home with me until they moved heavenward. I have a solid, deep affection and compassion for aging individuals and anyone burdened by their domains.

I love nature, nurturing others, and knowledge. I am empathetic, have extensive wisdom in organizing different domains, and have a gentle yet effective way of engaging individuals. Clutter doesn’t overwhelm me. I understand that each person and their effects are uniquely different than their neighbor, yet we all have common struggles. I love learning new ways to refine my skills. Please take my invitation to call me or invite me over to discuss your concerns and burdens.