downsizing / Decluttering

I have a way with moms and seniors to help them make decisions on what’s most important to them when considering what to keep and what to eliminate. My goal is to honor what you want, based on your needs, your values, and your lifestyle to live a simplified, productive life.


The process of moving can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to deal with your things, you have to manage the daily tasks and relationships. I would be honored to help you make a plan, pack up, coordinate a mover, and unpack into your new space with peace of mind and a gentle touch.

Time management / meal planning

If you are overwhelmed with life and need some perspective and practical help, please call me for a consultation. I can assist you in pulling out of the rut where you find yourself.

Lori brought energy, insight and compassion to my chaos. My family is amazed and grateful for the transformation in our basement. Best of all, she helped me meet MY goals: I didn’t want to just give away some of my stuff, I wanted it to get into the right hands. She helped me accomplish that in a creative way that was satisfying and effective by intelligently steering me and wisely giving me manageable goals along the way.

Recently, someone asked me what Lori brought to the table that helped me so much. In addition to a contagious amount of energy and strength, Lori brought ZERO judgmentalism. It can be hard to expose the underbelly of your life and admit you need help; I found that her concern for me made me feel comfortable with the whole process, even where it challenged me the most. When you work with Lori, you can tell she is motivated by her concern for your needs. That compassion, combined with all her natural talents at organization, made Lori a powerful force in bringing transformation to my home.
— Roberta Shafer


Kitchen / Closets / Bedrooms / Garage / Storage Areas / Office Space / Living Areas / Utility Rooms

Specializing in Downsizing and Bereavement Organizing


paperwork and scheduling assistance

Sorting and Organizing Files *digital and paper*

Personal Systems Counseling


Meal planning, prep, and delivery

Based on family needs and dietary restrictions.


moving services

We specialize in planning, packing, coordinating movers, and unpacking.

Our Mission and Vision

To develop a trusting relationship with people to transform their spaces, to empower individuals and their families to be their best and most productive selves.

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony;
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
— Albert Einstein